Magnolia Consulting

Event Space Consulting helps clients of all backgrounds: developers, architects, interior designers, hotel owners, even homeowners, increase their marketability and profitability as well as gain a perspective that helps to attract the high end client.

Magnolia Venue Services

Magnolia has invaluable access to clients’ preferences, opinions, questions and concerns and is in a position to anticipate them on your behalf. We can use this knowledge to ensure that your venue is set up for success in attracting your preferred clientele. By addressing potential set- backs/pitfalls in advance of construction, Magnolia can work with your design team to create an optimal plan to best use your resources.

Laura’s advice has not only elevated the customer’s experience, in turn creating a larger customer pool, but has also helped a number of venues ensure they are making decisions that benefit the company, streamline internal processes, elevate services provided and also create a space that ensures seamless transition between events.

She offers her services to discerning clients who require an expert eye while creating in the wedding industry. Whether creating something from the dream phase, wanting to launch your existing space to a new level, or renovating a space to transform it into a venue, Our team’s insights can help to ensure you attract the right kind of clientele as well as creating spaces that are easy to use so that vendors want to come and event planners want to sell your space to their clients.

Magnolia Vendor Services

Laura has spent over a decade building and curating her name and brand in the hospitality industry. She’s won, fallen, side stepped, and more to create the business she has today and she wants to share her experience with you!

As a consulting client, you will gain invaluable knowledge and coaching to help bring your business to the next level. Laura has helped Décor teams, Photographers, other Planners, and many other vendors in the hospitality industry to structure their businesses to work smarter, not harder as well as increase their bottom line.

“I left my meeting with Laura inspired! She has helped me realize my true worth and put together a plan to increase revenues while also creating some work/life balance! Her advice is invaluable and I’m already seeing results!”